About Thaw Yoga

We invite you to join us and see what we’re all about! We offer classes for all levels from the beginner to the seasoned sweat/flow junkie. Our online classes include power vinyasa and a Yoga/HIIT hybrid called YOD. We also offer private Zoom yoga sessions customized to fit your individual or group needs.

Whether you need a release from the day to day stress, a sweaty tough workout or space to reconnect with yourself, we believe our teachers and classes will help you achieve whatever you mind, body and soul desires. We’re all somewhere different on our yoga journey, so no matter where you are, let us help you grow in strength and confidence.


Christa Gunn

Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor/YOD Level 3 Instructor/YOD Training Facilitator

Christa Gunn is originally from Atlanta, GA and moved to Grand Forks in 2015. She first started practicing yoga in 2011 during her senior year at Georgia Tech. At Georgia Tech she cheered both football and basketball and started yoga to maintain and improve her flexibility alongside required strength training workouts.

Christa completed her 200 hour teacher training at Charleston Power Yoga in June 2015 and begin teaching at CrossFit Tundra in August 2015. After teaching yoga for athletes classes for three years THAW Yoga opened in February 2018. In 2019 Christa completed YOD Level 1 and brought YOD yoga to North Dakota. She went on to complete YOD Level 2 and 3 and became a YOD Facilitator. In 2020 THAW Yoga transitioned to a virtual yoga studio and partnered with the YOD Yoga Institute in Minneapolis, MN. Christa now resides in Roseville, CA and teaches at Spotted Dog Yoga (a Baptiste Yoga Affiliate Studio).

She primarily teaches a power vinyasa flow based off the teachings of Baptiste Power Yoga while also developing her own slow flow and mobility classes based on the needs of her clients. Outside of yoga and CrossFit she spends time with her husband Ben, who is a pilot in the Air Force, and their two cats Bud and Junior.